is ameriplan a scam

Product Name : Ameriplan USA


Price: Varies between $12.95-$150.00 a month plus a $19.95 yearly service fee.

Owners: Dennis and Daniel Bloom

Websites Included: 1 automated site already setup for you.

Support: Phone

Training levels: Newbie to intermediate

Overall Rank:star ratingstar ratingstar-3 2.7 out of 5 stars


Ameriplan Company Overview

Is ameriplan a scam

The owners Dennis and Daniel Bloom

Ameriplan USA is a worldwide company based out of Plano Texas, that offers discount dental, health care, and prescription plans. The company was founded back in 1992, and has millions of members as well as IBO’s (Independent Business Owner) who are promoting the company.


How Does Ameriplan Work And What Products And Services Do They Have To Offer?

When you join, you have the option of choosing a membership level which I will list below:

  •  Ameriplan MD Plus  This plan gives you discounts on prescriptions for your entire family along with 24/7 access  to physician care when you need it the most.

This plan costs 12.95 a month.

  •  Ameriplan Dental Plus  This plan gives you discounts on dental
  • Vision
  • Chiropractic
  •  Prescriptions

This covers your entire family for only 19.95 a month.

  •  Ameriplan Healthcare This plan gives you all the benefits of the dental plan listed above with added features.

You will get access to:

  • The Ameridoc program
  • Ancillary services that include
  • Physical therapy
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Imaging centers
  • Hearing services
  • Mental health services
  • Diabetes supplies.

If you ever need to be hospitalized and it costs more than $2,500 then this plan will help cover the costs of your hospital bill.

This plan costs 49.95 a month.

  •  Ameriplan Platinum Plus The dental plus plan is included in this package. It includes discounts on
  • Automotive
  • Dining out
  • Theme parks
  • Movie theaters
  • Shopping.

You can get additional discounts on

  • PC purchases
  • High-speed internet
  •  15% off of sprint cell phone service when you sign a 2 year contract.

The cost of this plan is $50 a month.

  •  Ameriplan Total Platinum This plan comes with the same benefits as the platinum plus, with ID theft protection included and a few other features.

This plan costs $75 a month

  •  Ameriplan Platinum Freedom Pass This plan includes everything in the total platinum plan, as well as access to the medical plan.
  • You can also enjoy additional savings on cruises
  • Hotel rentals
  • Condos
  •  Resorts
  • Golf
  • And much more.

It also comes with thousands of dollars in savings on grocery store brands you buy everyday.

It also includes

  • Digital coupons
  •  Coupons that you can print in their members only section of their website.
  • My deals app

These perks are available only to Platinum Freedom Pass Members.

This plan costs a whopping $150 a month and covers everyone in your household.

 How Ameriplan Works And How You Make Money With Them

Depending on what membership plan you sign up for will determine how much money you can make on each sale. Everything is broken down into a commission scale.

 Here’s The Breakdown Of Their Commission Payout

1. $50 platinum plus- This pays you 20% commission of all sales you get. You continue to pay $50 a month until you get enough people signed up under your name, then you will start getting paid when your commissions exceed $50 a month.

2. $75 Total Platinum- Here you have the chance to make a 30% commission on all sales you get. Like I mentioned above until you exceed the $75 in sales needed for that month you will be paying the difference. You will start earning money for any sales that exceed $75 a month.

3. $150/month Platinum Freedom Pass- You will earn a 40% commission on all sales you get when you enroll under this package. Once again you’ll need to exceed $150 in sales for the month before you start to earn money.

There Are 2 Ways You Can Market This Business And I Will Explain Both Of These In Detail

1. The Business Model- When you join Ameriplan you will have the opportunity to get other people to join under you and do the same thing you are doing. The way it works is they tell you to post help wanted ads on craigslist, and other job-related board sites.

When people contact you about the job offers you will direct them to your personalized website and tell them to fill out the contact form and request an interview with you over the phone.

Once they request an interview you’ll need to call them at the number they provided and try to sell them these discounted health and dental packages (The bait).

You will need to be constantly recruiting other people into this company and this is the main way you make money with them.

2. Selling The Healthcare And Dental Packages- You can choose to only sell the dental and healthcare package, or you can do both of them. Mostly all of this is done over the phone, you have to purchase a list of leads and randomly call people up and tell them what you have to offer.

I failed to find any actually training on how to strictly promote their health and dental plans. Their training is focused on primarily promoting the recruiting side of the business.

Who Is Ameriplan USA For?

Ameriplan is for anyone looking to start up a business of their own and would like to help people who don’t have health insurance or a dental plan. It is also ideal for stay at home moms who are looking to make extra income. If you enjoy talking on the phone for hours at a time and are cool with cold calling and hard selling then Ameriplan could be a good fit for you.

What Tools And Training Are Provided?

The back office has everything you need to get started and I will list everything that you have access to below:

  •  1 Free personalized and fully automated website
  • Live training calls every Tuesday evening at 8 pm Eastern Standard time.
  • Various training modules to help you gain more leads and grow your upline/ downline
  •  Phone scripts that you can use when replying to your ads and when calling people on your list

 Does Ameriplan Offer Any Support?

  • You can keep in direct contact with your recruiter and ask them any questions that you have
  • There is also an FAQ page where you can go to get answers to questions that have already been answered

These are the 2 main ways of receiving support from this company.

 Pros Vs Cons


  • The discount dental and various healthcare options are great for anyone who doesn’t have insurance.
  • If you are the type of person who loves talking on the phone and can sell strangers stuff over the phone this is a great opportunity for you to make some really good money.
  • The telephone support and training you are offered is great.
  • They have many different incentive programs to try and get you motivated to make more sales.


  • In order to use the discounts for the healthcare and dental plans you have to go to someone in their network or they won’t cover the cost.
  • Hard to find doctors or dentists that accept Ameriplan (their network of doctors/dentists is not as large as they say it is) 
  • If you don’t like to talk on the phone or if you are not a salesman then this opportunity is definitely not for you.
  • There have been several complaints that after you have built up a pretty huge income for yourself, the company will terminate you under a no cause contract. This means that they can terminate you at any time for no reason.
  • They say backed up by the BBB (Better business Bureau) but when you check them out there are over 200 negative reviews about this company.
  • It is setup like a lot of  pyramid schemes and is pretty much an MLM company. 

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The Price To Join Ameriplan

Like I have mentioned above you can get started anywhere from $12.95-$150.00 a month along with a 19.95 yearly fee that is included with your start up costs.

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 My Thoughts On Ameriplan USA

Ameriplan USA is not for everyone, I joined and was only with the company for about 2 months. The main focus of the company is to get you to sign up other members under your name. It seems to me like they just use the prescription, healthcare and, dental as the bait and once you join they hook you with their MLM scheme.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of cold calling and hard selling to people over the phone, along with trying to get people to join your down line/up line then this opportunity is not for you. However, if you love the idea of cold calling and hard selling and this doesn’t bother you then you will probably fit in well with Ameriplan.

Like I mentioned above, In the whole 2 months I was with this company I couldn’t find any training on how to sell the discount healthcare products. If you are a sales person and love talking on the phone this could be a great way to make some decent money.

I personally don’t like talking on the phone especially to someone I don’t know and try to sell them something.

I would also be really careful when joining, in the past few years there have been complaints of them terminating you for no reason whatsoever as you will see if you read the comments below this review.

My Personal Recommendation

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Is Ameriplan USA  Really A Scam Or Not?

Is Ameriplan a scam? based on my experience I had with them I wouldn’t say they are a scam.  As with any MLM company, there are many people making good money with this company and others that are not. It just seems risky, and it’s not something I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending to you guys. Are you currently a member of Ameriplan, or have you been thinking about joining but still on the fence?

Maybe you have been a member in the past and want to share your experience with other people? I would love to hear about it and I know everyone else would as well. Be as detailed as possible and leave it within the comment section below.

I will reply back to you A.S.A.P

I really hope this review has helped everyone out today and has given you some insights into what exactly you will be getting yourself into before joining.

Your Friend, Scott



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